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Department of Digital Multimedia Design

Department of Digital Multimedia Design

City Digital Multimedia, Pragmatic Practicality, Excellent Technique , and Creative Aesthetics

Playing design and making creativity, the future stars are born in our Department  

Our students have the excellent performances as follows:

1. Defeating 3000 thousand competitors and getting the third place in 2013 Adobe Certified Associate World Championship.

2. Getting the first place in the Plane Design Section of 2013 Taiwan National Careering Creation Competition of Adobe Certified Associate.

3. Getting the second place on Anti-Bullying in the first Animation Competition of the Child Welfare League Foundation

4. Getting the best excellent piece and the best popularity in the net survey in 2013 Golden Overseas Chinese Award in the Chinese World.

5. Getting the best excellent piece and the second popularity in the net survey in 2013 Taiwan National Organ Donation Competition.

Implementing the students to possess professional technique before graduation

Jointing professional teachers with industrial teachers to make the students possess the abilities on creative design, animating product, game planning, and micro film in accordance with demands for the industries when the students graduate.

Practicing and aligning with digital industries in zero distance

We collaborate and sign the agreements and with FTV, Top TV, GTV, Gold Typhoon Musical Company, Digital Education Institute of Institute for Information Industry, Flying-Pen Comic Co. Ltd., Animaze Studio, and Anser Digital Co. Ltd. to fulfill career-linking when the students are in the second semester in the fourth year.