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Based on the principles of professionalism, technology, marketization, globalization, and well-rounded education, the Department of Business and Management plans and develops a curriculum composed of three main course modules: (1) organization and human resources management; (2) service and marketing management; (3) accounting and financial management.

In addition to taking courses, students are required to do a year-long internship at the affiliate companies of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) or non-FPG enterprises such as Compal, HTC, and ADLINK, etc. Through receiving cooperative practical training, students are more capable of integrating management theory and practice, thereby enhancing their management competencies.

Graduates' Careers

Our graduates and college graduates work in a variety of areas: marketing, sales, human resources management, finance, accounting, general management, and others. Our students have high employability after graduation and excellent performance at work. With these achievements, the Department has been selected as one of the "hottest university departments" by Business Weekly in 2013.

Academic-Industrial Cooperation

Our faculty members have been undertaking various types of academic-industrial cooperation projects, such as: commissioned research, business counseling, business incubation, business internship, etc. Such cooperation not only strengthens the teaching and research abilities of our faculty owing to the strong ties with the industry, but also enhances the innovation abilities of our business partners.